Providence Africana Reading Collective

April Schedule

April 14th-We will be screening the Lars von Trier film Manderlay; screening followed by discussion. 

April 21st-For our April 21st meeting we will be joined by Dr. Khalil Saucier, director of Africana Studies at Rhode Island College, for a guided discussion of "Refusing Blackness-as-Victimization: Trayvon Martin and the Black Cyborgs" by João Costa Vargas & Joy James as well as "Politics, Moral Identity, and the Limits of White Silence" by Samantha Vice. Both texts are from Pursuing Trayvon Martin: Historical Context and Contemporary Manifestations of Racial Dynamics. Follow the above link to find the .pdf of the readings. Texts for April as well as for previous months can all be found at

April 28th-For our April 28th meeting we will be screening Paris is Burning. To supplement the screening and the discussion to follow we will be reading two complementary texts: bell hooks’ "Is Paris Burning?" and Jackie Goldsby’s "Queens of Language: Paris is Burning

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